Why use a Loss Assessor?

Loss or damage due to fire, theft, flood etc. at your home or business that results in an insurance claim, is often traumatic. The scale of that disaster will determine your needs in the days, weeks and the months following the event. There is the insurance claim itself, the arrangement of building repairs, which we can provide, plus alternative accommodation that may have to be organised for yourself & your family. We can assist you with obtaining those vital emergency payments!

With commercial claims, consideration has to be given to the effects on production, sales and operations generally. It's of paramount importance to return to 'business as normal' as quick as possible, we can help!

There is often a requirement to clean and tidy up the devastation, then to redecorate and refurnish. Albany Developments will provide an estimate for this, along with approved specialists. The documenting of damaged or stolen possessions is also a priority, we can help.

A Loss Assessor will take all this burden from you. Albany Developments can head a team, which would include surveyors and specialist cleaners to take over the handling of your claim; working to obtain the maximum settlement within the terms of your policy.

What is a Loss Assessor?

A Loss Assessor works on behalf of the insured policyholder, the victim of loss or damage. He works solely towards the best possible outcome of the claimant.

A Loss Assessor will ensure you receive the best possible resolution to your claim within the terms of your insurance policy.

You have every right to assume that your insurance company will honour the insurance contract and pay you out with the same speed that you paid your insurance premium. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case and so often, the insurance company will rely on the small print of the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. A Loss Assessor will make sure all the conditions of policy cover are fully explored and that you are aware of all the benefits available to you; ensuring that you claim everything you are entitled to, under the terms of your policy

We like to work with firms that know their way around insurance claims and we'll be delighted to suggest these experts. Whether a Surveyor is chosen by the Loss Adjuster or by us, their fees are paid by the insurers so you might as well get a Surveyor of your choosing!

A Loss Assessor is there to help YOU and ensure the maximum settlement within the minimum delay.

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